The Future: Peel Dream Magazine – “Shenandoah”

Photo Credit: Matt Schmohl

Peel Dream Magazine


Modern Meta Physic

The fact that Peel Dream Magazine reference John Peel says more about this great band than you can imagine.  With their roots in the Velvet Underground, their body in Stereolab, and their head in the future, Peel Dream Magazine is The Future of shoegaze.  As the bio says:

Written and recorded over a four-week period in the fall of 2017, Peel Dream Magazine’s debut album Modern Meta Physic fixates on the New Age universe of the Catskills region of New York. Stevens deals in generic bohemian fare — Far East philosophy, Native American tradition, mid-century modern cool — as he appraises the world according to privileged urban expats who increasingly call the upstate paradise home.

Joe Stevens, Peel Dream Magazine’s leader, may wear his influences on his sleeve, but his songwriting skill are so much more than the sum of his parts. This is great music that would make Sir John Peel proud.  I can hear him making four or five sessions of this band.

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