The New Dance Diva: Ezinma – “Disco Bitch (Do It Again)”



“Disco Bitch (Do It Again)”


Ezinma (pronounced eh-zee-ma) is turning the whole idea of disco/dance music over on its head. She is a classically trained violinist and composer, who has collaborated with legendary artists, including Yo-Yo  Ma and Stevie Wonder. At the end of “Disco Bitch”, we are introduced to some of her intense violin playing.  Ezinma has also performed in the orchestra of the highly ranked TV show America’s Got Talent. The Nebraska native recently moved to New York City and earned a Masters in Violin performance. Since then, her passion for creating music intensified. This intensity resulted in her forthcoming EP, I AM EZINMA.  Her song is about not being that into a guy who keeps coming on.  The song is funny, well-crafted, amazing performed and produced, and is one of those songs, like “Le Freak” by Chic, that will crowd the dance floors.  I feel the rhythm; I’m ready to dance.

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