The People’s Music On Acid: Bananagun – “Do Yeah”

photograph by Jamie Wdziekonski


“Do Yeah”

Do Yeah 7″

You want something completely different?  Check out the craziness that is Bananagun.  This band is so different than anyone out there, sounding like Os Mutantes on acid, which is a real feat to out-psychedelic the most psychedelic band ever.  They sound like one of those obscure bands found on a Nuggets collection, but with a 21st swing to them. This ‘music for the people’ is deeply ingrained in this Melbourne band.  As their bio states:

 Even the seemingly innocuous band name has an underlying message of connectivity that matches the universality of the music. “It’s like non-violent combat! Or the guy who does a stick up but it’s just a banana, not a gun, and he tells the authorities not to take themselves too seriously.” This extends to the underlying message of their debut single too: “try to love and not hate because you’re the one who has to carry it around.”

If you feel down, put on Bananagun.  You will feel much better, and your mind will be blown.

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