The Power Of Punk: Cruising – “My Twin Sister”


“My Twin Sister”

WOW.  Coming from Belfast and Dublin, this queer punk band is incredibly intense and punk, yes, punk is still alive. Cruising is made up of Benni, Claire, Neil,  & Sarah, and they kick ass.  This is great music, no matter what the agenda.  Benni’s voice is reminiscent of Pauline Black of Penetrators.  And, taking their name from the Pacino movie about a serial killer that preys on gay men (an extremely homophobic movie, actually) is a brave move and a slap in the face of complacent society that thinks that the LGBTQ community has won their victories, without realizing that there are people in power who would love to strip us of all those rights.  Cruising is in your face punk.  Long live Cruising and Punk.

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