They’re BACK: Goon – “Chaka”



Happy Omen

Goon is back with a new EP, and criminy, it is another winner.  These crazies from Southern California have this great style that is really difficult to pin down.  I love them so much.  Consisting of kenny becker + drew eccleston + christian koons + caleb wicker, Goon makes what they call “Good Time Music”, and you do feel good listening to them.  Honestly, check them out.  They are that cool.  Just listen to “Chaka” and read the lyrics.  I love them.  So laid back and COOL.  This is a great love song, or at least I believe so.

i got ahead with a feeling
the one in the ceiling
oh alone with my
cross fellow avery
kiss me and hug me
come on betty betty
won’t you come get high with me

i tried to make my morning guy
wait for my pulling a knot so i
took a nail to a hammer
misusing a headline
i won’t ever ride the shotgun side
so if you wanna pull and pry
up all night kissing and yeah yeah yeah yeah

she trembled and said,
“more and more i’m loving dead
please baby please, never”


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