Things That Go Bump: Paper Fairy – “Haunted”

Paper Fairy


Haunter Haunted

Paper Fairy is the solo project of Brooklyn musician Chris Gaskell. The debut album, Haunter Haunted, features Gaskell on bass, piano, guitar and vocals with guest appearances by various New York Musicians such as drummers Itay Morchi (Johnny O’Neal), Colin Taylor (broadway musical “On Your Feet”), Dillon Treacy (Amber Mark, Elle King), as well as Jasper Dutz (Nels Klein) on woodwinds and Mike Haldeman (Moses Sumney) on guitar.  The first single, “Haunted”, is a perfect song for Halloween, with instruments swirl around Paper Fairy’s androgynous voice with a pounding beat that keeps going on and on.  I love this description of the album:

Exploring the duality life inexplicably offers, Haunter Haunted is a horror concept album where two opposing forces discover they are one. Using the tracks as a dialogue between each other, the jarring interludes let your mind analyze both sides of the narrative while diving into the darker more haunted side of things. Inspired by the idea of a demented tooth fairy who puts candy under children’s pillows and is incidentally the dentist who makes a fortune from filling cavities was the idea behind the dual narratives of the album.

Alice Cooper would be pleased.  (Think of “Unfinished Sweet”).  Happy Halloween.

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