Thinking Man’s Dance Music: Empathy Test – “Everything Will Work Out”

Empathy Test

“Everything Will Work Out”

Safe From Harm

This new single by Empathy Test is like Depeche Mode stepped into the light and started doing Yaz material, which is a tremendous step.  This is simply a beautiful, layered song, one of those songs you can listen to all day to try and decipher all the musical cues being played, or you could say screw the philosophy and just dance your ass off.  Either way, Empathy Test is good for body and soul.  Empathy Test was formed in 2013 by childhood friends Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf. Sharing a mutual love for all things sci-fi, the London-based duo draw inspiration from ‘80s movie soundtracks, ‘90s guitar bands and underground dance music. Their name, borrowed from Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece, Blade Runner, gives a clue to the DNA of a band that, since its conception just three years ago, has self-released a string of meticulously layered, life-affirming Synthpop tracks that have won them both critical acclaim a legion of dedicated fans worldwide.  This is one of the best Synthpop bands I have ever heard, and that is one category I am very ecstatic about.  Thank you, guys.  This is just what was needed.

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