Thinking Man’s Music: BIO~BLOOD – F.Wit




My favorite experimental, gothic, heavy musician/artist/videographer has released a new album, and it’s unbelievably dark and heavy and quite intense.  This time, BIO~BLOOD has disposed of the traditional song structure for a much freer style, all of which he has promised to back up with videos for each song.  I love the freedom, and the incompleteness of each song makes my mind work overtime to finish each piece.  I love the way BIO~BLOOD lets me use my own creativity by getting me involved with the music.  BIO~BLOOD reminds me of Eno:  his Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) was very some oriented, like BIO~BLOOD’s previous work.  Then Eno releases Another Green World, which was mainly ideas and snippets to involve the listener to finish the song.  BIO~BLOOD goes one step further:  he involves the listener and adds videos to bring his ideas to life.  I love this music.  This is some of the best music I’ve heard for a long time.  Don’t be afraid, music lovers.  Get some angry music in your life that will kick your ass out of your passivity.  Music is to become involved in.  It is not a spectator sport.

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