Tough Music: Hit Like A Girl – “It’s Always You”

Hit Like A Girl

“It’s Always You”

You Make Sense

If this is how a girl hits, you’re in for a knockout.  This is a great punky anthem from a woman with loads of talent and guts and riffs galore.  Hit Like A Girl is the work of Montclair, NJ-based artist Nicolle Maroulis who wrote all of the songs and played all of the instruments, save for drums, on the album.  That in itself is a gutsy move, and when you can pull it off in spades, like Maroulis does, WOW is all you can save.  She’s like Todd Rundgren, she can do anything.  This is great music with punk attitude, emo lyrics, and a feminist agenda (which ain’t a dirty word).  New Jersey produces tough woman (look at Patti Smith).  This is an album that we all can identify with.  Thank you, Nicolle, for opening up and giving us a great album.   

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