Tranquil Tuesdays: Thievery Corporation – ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’

“Richest Man in Babylon” is the third studio album by Thievery Corporation, released in 2002. The album features a unique fusion of electronic and world music, with influences from various cultures including Middle Eastern, Indian, Brazilian, and Jamaican.

The album begins with the title track “Richest Man in Babylon,” a slow-burning and introspective track featuring haunting vocals and a laid-back beat. From there, the album explores a range of styles, from the Middle Eastern-tinged “Facing East” to the reggae-infused “The Outernationalist.”

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Lebanese Blonde,” a dreamy and ethereal track that features a sample of a Lebanese singer and has since become one of Thievery Corporation’s signature songs. “The Hong Kong Triad” is another standout track, featuring a driving beat and haunting vocals that build to an epic climax.

Overall, “Richest Man in Babylon” is a highly enjoyable album that showcases Thievery Corporation’s unique blend of electronic and world music. The album is cohesive and well-produced, and it’s easy to get lost in the hypnotic rhythms and dreamy atmospheres that Thievery Corporation creates. I would highly recommend it to fans of electronic music, world music, or anyone looking for something a bit different. Check out “Lebanese Blond” below:

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