Trippy Music: Telyscopes – “Tabby’s Star”


“Tabby’s Star”

High Fidelity Drag

This is my new favorite band.  Telyscopes is so much fun, so psychedelic, so out-there, so musically whole, it’s hard to believe that Telyscopes is one person.  All lyrics, music, vocals and instruments by Jack Hubbell (that sound narcissistic enough?).  Featuring dream recollection voice memos and/or drunk voicemails from Chris Vincent, Jason Tyler, Charles Pfaff, David Gravagno, and Hubbell.  This music is amazing.  I have been listening to High Fidelity Drag on repeat for three days now.  Sometimes, Hubbell’s music sounds like straight-ahead, psych rock, then these great Captain Beefheart phrases come through, altering to sound to something from a great trip.  If you love psychedelia, guitar riffs, typewriters, storm effects (think Eno), you will love Telyscopes.  Hubbell knows how to play with your head.

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