True Love: Holy Oak – “Isabelle”

Photo Credit : Photo by Ip Hoi Wan

Holy Oak


Second Son

Neil Holyoak wears his heart on his sleeve.  He has this absolutely heart-breaking voice.  When he sings his song for “Isabelle”, I become extremely jealous of her.  Holy Oak is just so much in love, it calls through the words, the music, the voice, unto the heavens.  To have one love you so much is definitely a dream that is rarely attainable. Living between Montreal, Hong Kong, British Columbia, and currently Los Angeles, Neil performs with a shifting band of roadshow vagabonds come together under the banner Holy Oak.  He is influence by JD Salinger (mostly the short stories and Franny and Zooey – that fake angst of Caulfield, thank God, is not present.)  Holy Oak just makes beautiful music.  I am thankful honestly still exists in music.

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