True Romance: Glances – “Later Days”

Photo Credit: Colleen Durkin


“Later Days”

I Feel Very Close To You Right Now

I don’t often quote bios of musicians, but this one just struck me so much.  First off, Glances is a beautifully mellow yet rhythmic band that knows when to use electronics without drowning the vocals.  And the vocals and lyrics are what really make this trio stand out.

There’s more to a story. Glances is a recording project out of Chicago, Il. In 2012 Micah Waldron moved into an artist loft in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood where he met Ashley Thompson, cute. About a year later Ashhh spent some time on a farm in Hawaii where she met Christian Whiting (Chin). Through her persuasive nature she convinced Chin to move to Chicago where the three of them started playing music together. Eventually an album started to form. It was an accident.

‘I feel very close to you right now’ is a collection of songs that strive to portray the the hidden meaningfulness of impermanence by examining it through the context of a relationship. Before we weren’t close, now we are, soon we will not be. It’s meant to be listened to, preferably together. 

I love this record.  It really is heartfelt.  It is absolutely perfect to listen to while sitting around the fireplace, or a fake one, as in my case.  This is perfect, truly romantic music.

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