True Tales Of The City: Women Of The Night – “I Am Well And Missing You”

Women Of The Night

“I Am Well And Missing You”

Pastel Colors

I love this band.  Women of the Night sounds like the Velvet Underground if John Cale had had his way and recorded their third album underwater.  This band comes from the underbelly of the city where the sunlight barely reaches and the most interesting people live.  Coming from New York, Women Of The Night is comprised of The gang is made up of Jordan D’Arsie [Guitar / Vox], Kyubae Lee [Drums] & Grey Watson [Bass].  These guys are really dark and beautiful.  One listen, and you want to run away and live on the streets.  Never glorifying their subjects, they just tell the story of the city.  D’Arsie is the best storyteller I’ve heard since Lou Reed and Patti Smith.  This is gutsy music.  I needed this to shake off complacency.  As the band’s bio states:

They make distillations of lost unintentional everyday happenings. For your dark and lonely nights alone call 1800 WOMEN OF THE NIGHT

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