Tulsa Rock and Roll: The Bourgeois – “Check My Pulse”

The Bourgeois

“Check My Pulse”

Soldier On

The Bourgeois have an new EP out, and it kicks ass.  This is one of my favorite bands.  They just know how to rock.  At times, like in “Check My Pulse”, they have a Thin Lizzy sound to them.  At all times, the guitars just blister through the sound of the EP, I mean, the guitars just frickin soar overhead.  Coming from Tulsa (and  Oral Roberts’ worst nightmare), this band, comprised of Zach Mobley, Ty Clark, and Vance Young, so great.  As their bio says:

A cancer-curing, sperm-obliterating, behemoth of a rock band with a sound akin to Billy Corgan and Kurt Cobain molesting Morrissey in Josh Homme’s basement.
That is so true.  The amount of killer rock riffs coming from this band is amazing.  Honestly, I have everything they’s ever done, and each time, each EP, they get better and better.  Guys, you have got to play Pittsburgh.  This is the music we need.

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