Twilight Falls: Lowlight – “Where Do We Go From Here”



“Where Do We Go From Here”

Where Do We Go From Here

What an interesting band.  Emerging from the indie folk scene of New Jersey and Brooklyn, the initial spark for Lowlight came when Renee Maskin (lead vocals, guitar) and Colin Ryan (drums) came together to record for their now defunct group Seapost. Those sessions were engineered by Derril Sellers (guitar, background vocals) who then brought in his wife Dana Sellers (keyboards, background vocals) to write some new songs after those sessions. The rest, as they say, is history. With Rey Rivera (bass) in the mix, Lowlight built a recording studio in Dana and Derril’s house and began recording Where Do We Go From Here earlier this year.  The name of the band is definitely a description of their sound.  It is the sound of what you see in low light, slightly hidden, the colors muted but strangely beautiful.  Maskin has a voice that has that innocent sound of Clare Grogan from Altered Images or Pal Shazar of Slow Children.  All I know, the group coalesces into something beautiful while partially hidden, given that beauty that reminds me of dusk or dawn, for favorite times of the day.

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