Vaniish Share – Search and Replace

vaniish share

Vaniish Share

“Search and Replace”

Memory Work

The new CD by Vaniish Share is set to be released June 10th, but whether that is 2014 or 2084 remains to be seen.  “Search and Replace”, their new single, is a mix of eerie soundscapes and surreal lyrics, a mix of synths, guitars, samples, drum machines and live drums.  The bank is composed of Keven Tecon (s,g), Amy Rosenoff (d), Adam Beck (g,k), and Nick Ott (d).  “Search and Replace” is a vicious, futuristic song that gives the listener more than a hint of the future of music.  The CD is a mix of genres, all with a futuristic feel.  This is time travel made immediate.


Vaniish Share

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