Voice of the Future: Jake Fields – “The Other Side Of Waiting”

Jake Fields

“The Other Side Of Waiting”

Jake Fields’ new singe has finally dropped, and it was seriously worth the wait.  As soon as it starts, you know you’re in for something different.  The beats are much more complex, and that guitar, that wonderful guitar, drives this song to “the other side of waiting”.  There is something catchy about this tune.  I love this little bio of his:

For Jake Fields, all it took was $70 and a thrift store visit to drop professional baseball aspirations to dedicate his life to music. What Fields got in return was a guitar, amplifier, and an unrelenting dream to become a professional musician. After falling deeply in love with songwriting and performing, Jake Fields decided to focus his ambition towards becoming a full-time musician and eventually releasing an EP of original tracks.

I am glad that Fields decided on a music career.  He has certainly hit this song right out of the park.  I love the production, his wonderful voice, and that tremendous guitar riff.  I am jealous.  That was $70 well spent.  Thank you sir.

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