Wake The Flowers: Cody Noon – “Shadow Mountain”

Cody Noon

“Shadow Mountain”

Double Dark

First off, I love this band.  Their form of distortion, bedroom, DIY, noise pop is unique, and I love the fact that they are an instrumental group willing to play and take you places you didn’t know existed.  The duo, from Reading, UK, consists of Charlie Butler – Guitar and stuff and
Suzy Antoniw – Bass and stuff, and they are a couple, which just makes the interplay of guitar and bass that much more intimate.  Check out this great description of their music, and then you try and tell me it doesn’t fit:

We are a stripped down two piece beat combo who play instrumental beardy check shirt atmospheric droning nonsense to varying degrees of proficiency.

The only disagreements I have is: 1. they are not nonsense, they are beauty; and 2. the degree of proficiency seems high in my book.  This is great early spring music.  Go out, blast this to your tulips, get them up out of their lazy ass beds.  This is a great duo.

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