The List: What We Heard in 2014

Eminem at MTV Music Award Show 2014

Eminem at MTV Music Award Show 2014

It is that time of the year. It happens after every Thanksgiving and is forgotten by the time the balls drops on January 1st in Times Square. if you have not guessed yet, it is the final countdown – the Top 10 List that kept our ears filled with a constant joyous beat.

Music in today’s day and age is not based on CD sales or even online downloads, rather the top streaming artists. This is how I listen to my music and is basis of this Top 10. One of the top listening portals used in the US is Spotify. It seems that we wanted nothing less than to go back to the days of yonder, for me that’s like 10 years ago in 11th grade, and listen to my friends bust a beat of none other than The Real Slim Shady. Self titled White Trash is name of the game today as Eminem takes home the prize of over 331 Million musical hits. It is kinda a wonder that Shady V has sold over 138,000 albums. Personally I wish this next name was Chris “Breezy” Brown’s but instead it is his nemesis, though Chris claims otherwise, Drake. The rapper took in upwards of 658,000 album sales for Nothing was the Same. That is what I label as success. Someone please explain to me why rapping remains n the #3 slot. Is Kanye really that fabulous? Mr. West’s Yeezus clocked in 327K in album sales which ain’t too shabby. Ultaviolence by Lana Del Rey was the #4 streamer of 2014 with over 182,000 albums sold. If this were a top 10 list for wacky rality show contestants, her brother Frankie would snatch the prize, but we will settle for Ariana Grande being My Everything with a modest near 170 thousand albums bought.

The bottom 5 streamers go to Jay Z at 6 and his gal Beyonce at 10 with Katy Perry, Coldplay and Ed Sheeran in between.


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