HEAR: Wolffe – “Shoot You Down”



“Shoot You Down”

What a beautiful song, what a beautiful voice.  Wolffe is stepping into the ground that del Rey and Lorde paved, but with a difference.  There is a bluesiness to Wolffe’s voice that is sometimes missing in del Rey and Lorde.  Del Rey is so “I’m tired” worldly and Lorde is so young, it nice to hear a more mature voice try the material, and Wolffe pulls it off.  (Oh, by the by, if you think I don’t love del Rey and Lorde, you are wrong;  I am one the main worshippers of each one).  It just that in this song, Wolffe hits that maturity and intensity that this song needs.  I really love her, and I think that she has a long future.  SYFFAL magazine says:

“like Amy Winehouse got ahold (sic) of a Lorde track and went to TOWN… it’s so perfect.”

That about sums it up.


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