Words of the Prophet: MONO INC. – “The Book of Fire”

Matteo Fabbiani / VDPICTURES


“The Book of Fire”

The Book of Fire

Coming from Hamburg, Germany, MONO INC. sound more like they come from a fantasy/nightmare, when evil and good are actually the same.  There is something transfixing about their vision. MONO INC. are Martin Engler (vocals), Katha Mia (drums), Carl Fornia (guitars), and Manuel Antoni (bass), and their dark vision is the fight against evil, or as they put it, “a saga of blazing flames, rigorous persecution, and
bloody torture.”  Martin Engler’s voice is so deep and majestic, and the band keeps his voice aloft, sounding not so much as a singer but an ancient prophet.  This is amazing music, showing that goth is still alive, and MONO INC. might be the best of the genre.  Join the fantasy, fight the good/evil fight, come out the winner.

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