World Music: WOODS – “Love Is Love”


“Love Is Love”

Love Is Love

WOODS is a great band.  Once you hear them, you shake your head and say, ‘how can a band be this damned talented?”  Sounding like Santana with a mix of Ethiopian jazz and psychedelia with some of the best harmonies you’ve ever heard, this band has it all.  Comprised of Jeremy Earl – vocals, guitars, percussion; Jarvis Taveniere – bass, guitar; Aaron Neveu – drums, percussion; John Andrews – piano, organs, wurlitzer; Alec Spiegelman – sax, flute; and Cole Kamen-Green – trumpet, you can hear the Age of Aquarius in every note.  This is true world music.  I love this band.  Listen to them harmonize; you seriously will never be the same again.  These are voices to lift you to heaven.  And the guitars:  amazing.  With the wurlitzer, winds, and brass in the background, the stairway to heaven starts here.

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