World Pop: Sis – “Night From Scratch”


“Night From Scratch”

Gas Station Roses

What a strange, lovely album, filled with odd instruments like a gopichand and pan flutes, along with synths, guitars, and other ‘normal’ instruments to present pop music that is richer and more worldly than most. Comprised of singer and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Gillespie Mason, (founder of Native Cat Recordings (Meernaa, John Vanderslice, Luke Temple, Brijean), with her OP-1 synth and tenor guitar and husband and wife team Carly Bond (electric guitar, flutes, vocals) and Rob Shelton (synths, programming), both of the band Meernaa, Sis brings all this beauty together and really creates something new.  The combination of the three brings such depth and amazing grace to this album.  Sounds of David Byrne and Nenah Cherry float in the background, reformed into perfect dusk/dawn music.  


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