Young Magic and Purity Ring Get Together For “Ssense”

This is what happens when you mix Young Magic and Purity Ring together; weird magic happens. The ethereal vocals mixed with the eerie jazz piano set you up for some interesting listening. Either way the dream pop sounds like something out of a coffee shop mix ep. Read more below.

Absorbing the lingering ambient moments of the experimental offerings infused in their mix, Young Magic cultivate a signature dream-pop sound that sets in motion with a fragment of Martin Denny’s exotic piano jazz before weaving into Japanese band Mariah’s melancholic single, “Door to the Heart”. Young Magic’s collaboration with Montreal duo Purity Ring, “Grandloves”, with its winding landscapes and ethereal vocals soak into splintered samples of Arca’s “DOEP” and later, S.Maharba’s haunting vocals, before the introduction of Hype Williams’ South African dance influences and Icelandic band Samaris’ eerie electronica.

FEELS: cold and wet

SOUNDS: experimental but very dreamy at the same time

TASTES: snowflakes

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