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Anais Lauren is a singer from Chicago,Il that has a new EP coming called The Love ThirstShe dropped an edgy video for her first single off the EP titled “This Addiction”. She is a true artist that tackles real life issues like her single which deals with the nature of addiction. Check out more of Anais Lauren on her website and I dare you not to get addicted!!

You started singing at singing at age 3, what is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? 

I wish I knew how to get my music in the foot in the door a lot faster, that way I’d be way more seasoned/knowledgeable  then I am now in the music game.
What is an ideal day for Anais Lauren? 
My Ideal day is a wake and bake, eat a great meal hang out with friends or work on music.
What are your hobbies? 
My hobbies consist of trying new restaurants and working out I gotta keep a balance since I love to eat lol
What is the worse date you ever went on?  
The worst was when I was catfished , the guy used someone else’s photos and then made me pay for my dinner, it was horrible
Your obviously very beautiful, curvy and the picture of health do you feel pressure to conform to society and media standards about beauty? How satisfied are you with your body?  
I would say I definitely feel the pressure, I’ve never been thin or skinny ever in my life however I try my best to try and maintain a healthy eating and work out regimen. TV and photography cameras really add 15-20 pounds so you can”t help but to feel a bit self-conscious. Regardless you can’t let it get you you have to love yourself.
If you could record a duet with any singer who would it be? I know you list in you bio being inspired by Lauryn Hill, Mariah Carey and others but who are you heroes?  
Well those two you mentioned are pretty much my hero’s they have inspired me so much that it changed the direction of my life in many ways also someone not music related is Bernie Sanders he’s so amazing and inspiring I’ve learned so much about politics and injustice in this country because of him. As far a duet it I’d love to sing with Mariah Carey or Marc Anthony two of my favorite vocalist.
What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
 I’m introverted and extroverted at the same time, some days I want to be out and about socializing and having a good time and other day’s I feel shy and reserved and just want to be on my own.
What kind of TV shows and movies do you like to watch?
 Ok so I’m all about shows right now but I will say “Goodfellla’s” is my favorite movie and I’m a huge suspense junkie. “Walking Dead”,”Game of Thrones” and “Better Call Saul”are at the top of my viewing list right now.
What is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?  
 Overcoming self-doubt I’d say, believing in yourself and you’re greatness isn’t always an easy task. There was a time years and years ago when I was scared to even sing in front of people, I made myself overcome that and here I ready to do live shows.
 What was the process like recording your EP Love Thirst?  
I  linked with Keeynote on the production tip and from there I just started writing to tracks and trying to pick the songs that spoke to me as a testament that I just needed to share
 What is the inspiration on songs like “This Addiction”?
“This Addiction” came from my personal experiences like Kanye said ” What’s your addiction? is it money, its it girls is it weed? ”  Most of us have been afflicted by addictions that we didn’t even realize we had, I just wanted people to know their not alone in those feelings.
What was the experience like shooting a video for “This Addiction” and who directed it?
Friends of mine “Roman/Flik Media” shot and directed the video. It was a fun experience putting all the scenes together and seeing how everything came together.
What can your fans expect from the Love Thirst and where can they purchase it?  
You can expect to hear music that is different and unique, I stayed true to myself in this project and really wanted to show people a piece of me. The EP will be available on Itunes and Band camp that I know of at this moment.

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