Chicago Bred Emcee Chemist is a True Mic Controller

Aaron Young aka Chemist and HD was born and raised in Chicago, Il. It was in grade school when he developed a passion for music and learned to play instruments such as the bass guitar and got his first exposure to hip hop watching artists such as Rakim and LL Cool J on Yo! MTV Raps. He started off freestyling on his block and would rap for hours. The only writing he was doing was in the form of poetry for the females he liked in school and formed a group during this period that didn’t really go anywhere. It was in college when he began constructing songs and the result was his first solo album entitled “The Element” with Turban the Don of Government Records doing half the production. The album received mixed reviews and the biggest criticisms were his breath control and emphasizing certain words. Chemist is now 11 albums deep and has a catalogue that rivals established artists.

With his own studio and being a battle tested emcee that has won battles at Rhymespitters and Chicago Battle Grounds, Chemist is preparing his newest album “The Remedy“. He also has frequently collaborated with Charlie Brasco of 730 productions. With the politics of the Chicago music scene which includes rigged contests, nepotism, and a less united musical scene its no wonder that talented artists such as Chemist have not been able to get their music into the right hands. With the internet being the great equalizer look for great things from Chemist in the future. If you like real hip hop and the boom bap era of music Chemist is an artist that you have to check out. Chicago is one of the most talented musical breeding grounds for rappers and the Chemist is a true lyricist in the vein of Talib Kweli and Common Sense. If you like Rawkus and underground hip hop Chemist has your lyrical fix.

Check out mote of the Chemist:

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