L.H. Is Someone You Can’t Sleep On

L.H. is a talented emcee who had only previously shown a glimmer of his potential with his Hennessequa EP. While he is readying his next EP the first single titled “Ring, Ring” shows that L.H. takes his craft serious and that he has the potential to be one of the biggest artists in the city. I think L.H. has more of a chance at success than a lot of other artists because he is a talented songwriter and is more versatile than the drill artist and trap artist that dominate the Chicago independent music scene. Take for instance his most popular song off his Hennessequa EP “Ghettos Hurt” which I was able to witness fans sing along to when he opened for Cam’ron earlier this year at The Portage Theatre. His follow up is more commercial driven, but shows that L.H. can compete with any artist in the city when it comes to making radio singles.
Ryan : Hey, and how are you doing?
L.H. : I’m great. What about you?
Ryan : Im great, my dude. Even though I know who you are, introduce yourself to the people. What’s you name and where you from?
L.H. : I’m L.H. (@LdotHdot) from Chicago
Ryan : So I understand you just dropped a video and have a project on the way, what’s the name of the video and the project?
L.H. :  Yea, for the first single ” R!NG R!NG”. Video shoot went great and the video looks amazing. The new project is called T2B2, which is short for Time to Break Bread!!
Ryan : Great, I love the name of both. I actually got to check out the your latest video for “Ring Ring”, who directed it and how did it come about?
L.H. : The director is @dollarsigndz. He did a fantastic job with the whole visual conception. Also, shout out to blvck_label(i.g.) for supplying the models for the video as well.
Ryan : Coo, coo. I like that. So it’s an EP, what made you go that way instead of just releasing a single?
L.H. : I just love to work. I just don’t want to depend on one song and cross.my fingers. I’m an artist. I just love to create more than anything.
Ryan : Who how many tracks are on this EP and who are some of the producers?
L.H. :  It’s a 10 track EP with production from Westley Nines, Jay Ross, Zest Beats and a couple more producers.
Ryan : Now I’m still bumping your last project “Hennessequa”. It’s still bumping and it just came out some months ago, what made you focus on another original project so soon and not just drop a mixtape?
L.H. : I love to create. I also love original music. I wanted to keep pushing my originality instead of taking that time and energy to just keep rapping over other people’s beats. Don’t mean I will never make a mixtape, I just didn’t feel this was the right time to do so.
Ryan : When did you develop a passion for music and how long was it before you decided you want to really pursue it?
L.H. : My passion developed in grade school. I was always fascinated with hip hop and rap music. It grew more in high school. That’s around the time were I was growing my love with underground as well as mainstream music. It was after high school when I started to produce it but it was just a couple years ago that I got my indie label up and running. That’s when I decided to chase it 100%.
Ryan : What are some of the challenges of being an independent artist in the Chicago music scene?
L.H. : It’s very very hard. All in all you are still competing with other indie artist and major label artist. There is no big money backing. Every move I’m making is all me. That while also doing a full-time job can be hectic. I manage to still push and keep going.
 Ryan : Whats next now that you’ve dropped your music video?
L.H. : Pushing the EP and getting ready to shoot another video. Also looking to do more shows and interviews as well.
Ryan : Who are some of the producers and artist you would like to work with in the future?
L.H. : First on my list would be Kendrick, Nas and Jay-Z. Producers are Mike Will Made It, Dre, Q Tip, Toomp and Swiss Beatz . I’m down to work with anyone to make great music
Ryan : What’s something people might not know now about you outside of music?
L.H. : I’m a big sports fan. I’m a die hard Chicago Bears and Bulls fan. NBA 2k is also my addiction (joking, but not joking).
Ryan : That’s great. So If anyone want to get in contact with you, How might they do so?
L.H. : you can follow me on @LdotHdot and on Instagram Ldot Hdot, email is visualaudio@gmail.com

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