Masta Of Ceremoniez “Who’s The Masta”


Masta Of Ceremoniez finally got around to emailing his latest video for his song “Who’s The Masta” which was posted in late September of this year. You may recall the interview with the New Mexico native while on the Red Cup Tour in May. He dropped a solo joint but is a member of the group Shield Enforcers and he is still bringing the lyrical heat. This is a veteran emcee and this song seems like a declaration that he is demanding his respect with candid bars such as “I’ve withstood the test of time/I’ve stood next to some of the best that rhyme”. A catchy chorus where he chants “Headstones for your favorite rappers/We on the throne bring his head to me on a platter/Old School, New School it don’t even matter”. A declaration where he talks about focusing more on the business of music and tiring of industry politics which undermine the foundation of hip hop in favor of dumbed down garbage that corporations peddle to the masses. This is a real emcee, get a good look because they are almost extinct.

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