Navarro Preps New Album

Navarro formerly known as Scheme is a Mexican-American underground hip hop artist from Chicago, Il. The Moleman affiliate has put in work on the underground scene for years with two previous releases. He now is in the process of preparing his third release after a brief hiatus from music to focus on his Youth Music Program, Beats & Bars. His next project is titled Modern Mexican Art/Radio Sonido. Check out his website:

How did you get into music?

I’m Mexican-American so at home it was a lot of Spanish music. I’m from the North side of Mexico so a lot of nortenas, and when I was eight I came across hip hop and since then it was always something I was very interested in. Musically for myself I started writing at a young age. I realized these guys were similar to me and came from the same kind of environment so it kind of gave me an “I can do this to mentality”.

Who were some of your early musical influences?

As far as rap goes, Nas was the first one to intrigue me cause of how descriptive he was. Pac was big because of emotion and I felt it, music is meant to be felt and that’s a lesson I got from him. As a young latino kid growing up in Chicago, Pac definitely resonated with me. Carlos Santana is another artist I looked up to musically and James Brown. It’s a lot off artists whose music have inspired me over the years and that I’ve learned from.

Tell me about your new album?

I haven’t put music out in awhile and its kind of a reintroduction of what I’ve been working on. The only feature on the project is GLC. Its ten songs, its a concept kind of project. It’ll be out end of September or early October.

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