Tin-Man Has A Lot of Heart


Tin-Man is one of the grittiest rappers in Chicago. His music is a good blend of social awareness and street imagery. On his song “Molotov” he calls for armed citizens of his city instead of shooting guns at each other to instead shoot at the police and wage war against the establishment. On the same song he calls out politicians such as Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel for their role in creating the problems that have led to Chicago having the highest murder rate.

He is in the vein of great hip hop groups such as Dead Prez or Immortal Technique. He addresses lots of social issues in his music such as the cost of college tuition and the lacks of jobs available after you get a degree in his “Car Wash Freestyle.” Tin-Man is a polished emcee, who isn’t trying to appeal to radio. He has an upcoming LP called Live From Cottage GroveIn the age of mumble rap he is creating his own lane that could allow him to build a fan base comparable to other underground groups.

If he continues making music as hard as “Molotov” and improves his video quality and output he could easily be one of the most talked about emcees in 2017.

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