Vo and His Quest To Bring Unity to Chicago






Vo is a rapper from Chicago. He grew up in a large family in a not so fortunate situation and like most kids in his age group would do Michael Jackson impressions and would mimic Boyz II Men and other popular groups of the time. He has built a following rapping over industry beats and his most popular video has about 350,000 views. The video that caught my attention is a video where he raps about the issues in Chicago’s music scene. He is constantly working on music but states “I’m keeping songs in the chamber until I can build a constant fanbase”.

When asked to elaborate on his comments on the Chicago music scene he states “as far as hope goes its not a lot of hope in the city, out the top four markets you go to Atlanta before you go to Chicago, they have labels Grand Hustle and T.I and other celebrities live in the city and it raises the value of the city, in Cali its celebrities and they have Capitol Records and in New York you can walk past Def Jam. In Chicago its not like that. R. Kelly and Kanye West have labels but they aren’t in Chicago, so our goal is to make it out of the city. We view each other as competition and become non supportive and thats where the hating comes from”.

Vo also expressed his desire of bringing more unity to the city’s music scene and being a big brother to the younger artists such as Lil Durk and G Herbo. Vo is a talented artist who has a good sense of humor on tracks that put me in the mind of Ludacris. He is lyrically a beast and if he keeps building an online presence I wouldn’t be surprised if he was picked up by a major label or he goes the independent route. Look for great things from Vo and its nice to hear such a refreshing artist that has become a master of their craft and is taking the steps to level up even if that means leaving the city he calls home, Chicago.

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  1. If They Sleep On Him One Verse From This Man Will Have Them Alive When I say I love this man and what he stands for. His delivery, flow, and his humility. I love his bond with his lil sister niakay She definitely caught the rebound ✊ I just hope Chicago embrace this man before he takes flight like so many others

  2. YESSSS…Been a fan sick the beginning. Flipping thru YouTube this guy is a headliner and a show stopper. QUICK, SOMEBODY here in Chicago, sign him and his lil sister Dutchess Niakay! I think they can be labelled the king and Princess of the Chitown rappers. You rappers who have made it, reach back and help these two talented artists…They never disappoint. My favorites are…too many to name! YouTube Vo and Niakay! Common, Kanya, where yall at? Twista knows what’s up!

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