Why Singer/Songwriter Jean Watts Is Poised to Blow

Jean Watts is a talented singer/songwriter. Jean has a huge Instagram following but don’t be fooled she is more than a pretty face. She has released an incredible single called “Blow” with a crispy video that was filmed in Maui directed by Solmaz Saberi. Jean told me about her dedication to getting the perfect shots and almost catching pneumonia which she would gladly do again, thats dedication!! This potentially could be the anthem of the summer. As Jean readies her new EP expect more exciting material and I’m predicting she is Audio Fuzz’s 2017 Artist to Watch. Check out the exclusive interview Jean Watts did with the Audio Fuzz team.


How did you get into music? When did you know you could sing?

I’ve been singing my entire life. I started singing in third grade in choirs. After high school I started working on a small label in Chicago after I graduated high school but the contract was crazy and things kind of fell through. Then I moved to California, now it’s finally coming together.

Talk about the process behind your song Blow? Who produced it, how long did it take to write and record?

Damon Sharpe and Christopher McDonald produced that track and I don’t usually like tracks bought to me because their not written for me but that was a track I actually heard it and really liked it, it was sexy and cool. Me and Jazzelle Paris are the songwriters. So me  Jazzelle Paris and Damon Sharpe just sat in the studio brainstorming ideas and melodies and just started writing.

How does a boy make your whistle blow?

I love outgoing guys. Funny and smart. Funny and smart are always my number one, if guys are funny it makes the relationship fun and outgoing.. if you date an outgoing guy it usually makes every girl like them and they become big cheaters. Right now though its very important to have someone supportive of my career and that definitely gets my whistle blown.

Do you feel that because of your looks it is harder for you to be taken serious as a musician? Or do you feel it is an advantage?

Definitely a disadvantage. In every area people think that I’m just an Instagram girl or that I’m just trying to use music to take my career further. I feel that makes me work harder and in a big way I’m an underdog in the industry. When people see more of my work as an artist they’ll see I’m taking my craft serious.

I’ve talked to some other female talent and they have stated that its a real problem in LA when they will go in for an audition/seeming professional business meeting and the guy is trying to date them has that ever happened to you?

Yeah, that is the number one frustration. Even in the acting world but especially in the music industry because its very male dominated. It’s very hard being a young female trying to be taken serious because these guys who are so high up in the industry know they have your dreams in the palm of their hands. It’s an egotistic type of world and people definitely play the card of what are you going to do for me, sometimes I feel my career has been going slower because I don’t care what the situation is or who the person is its no reason for that especially if you have talent. It’s been a couple times I’ve taken meetings and I was super excited about it, but it was more about a sexual standpoint or dating standpoint or just trying to get closer and it just kind of gets weird and when they realize your not feeling it, “it’s nothing I can do for you”. That sucks but its fine for me, its frustrating.

Before your single you had a huge Instagram following, did you feel added pressure in creating content because you already had a large following?

Oh yeah, it was hard because I’ve always been doing music. So I tried to create a following to get more followers and people started thinking I was an Instagram girl or makeup artist when I moved to California to do music.

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