Xclusiv Tone Readies New Mixtape, STTGC: Set the Tone…Go Crazy


Xclusiv Tone is a gifted up and coming Chicago Rap artist that is taking the music scene by storm. Since dropping his cinematic video “Out the Way” which was receiving airplay on 92.3 and 107.5. Xclusiv Tone has been featured on blogs such as Thisis50.com. I caught up with the buzzing Chicago rapper in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago to pick his brains and get an idea of when we can expect his mixtape STTGC: Set the Tone…Go Crazy!! This is a talented hip hop artist that is living the music that he writes in one of the most dangerous cities in America, sometimes referred to as Chi-Raq.

An artist that has a lot of humility and hasn’t made the outlandish statements that a lot of the newer artists or athletes for that matter make disrespecting hip hop legends or not being knowledgeable about hip hop culture. His music is contemporary but I wouldn’t consider him a mumble artist. He is the median between Migos and Nas. If you are into music by artists such as G-Herbo or Lil Bibby, Xclusiv Tone might be an artist worth checking out.

Also check out his videos for “Out the Way” and his “Free Smoke Freestyle” to become a fan of one of the most underrated talents in all of hip hop. With an overcrowded field in hip hop its refreshing to come across such a raw talent as Xclusiv Tone and am privileged to meet an artist before they are an international celebrity. Look in 2018 for Xclusiv Tone to be the biggest buzzing artist since Drake, mark my words!!

Ryan Glover: I’m here with up and coming Chicago artist Xclusive Tone, how are you doing today?

Xclusiv Tone: Whats the deal man. How you doing?

Ryan Glover: I’m good.

Xclusiv Tone: You’ve had some success with your single “Out the Way”?

Xclusiv Tone: It was spinning on the radio on 92.3, shout out 92.3 and 107.5. Shout out to DJ Herb Kent. Mixtape coming soon to!!

Ryan Glover: What made you start taking music seriously?

Xclusiv Tone: I was on punishment, I was in grammar school in 6th or 7th grade and my OG caught me smoking weed. I couldn’t go outside. I had the computer so I downloaded a whole bunch of beats and put it on a CD. Went in my room and started writing after people said I was good, I kept going with it!!

Ryan Glover: What are some of the struggles facing you as an independent artist in Chicago?

Xclusiv Tone: I feel like its crabs in a bucket. Everybody want the same thing so they feel like they can’t support the next person because they won’t make it, so nobody want to support for real. You got to do everything yourself because no labels doing it for you!!

Ryan Glover: I checked out your “Free Smoke” freestyle, when do you expect for your mixtape to be released?

Xclusiv Tone: We still doing the tracklist seeing what we are going to add on and take off, but before November!! New visuals and music!!

Ryan Glover is a contributing writer for https://www.audiofuzz.com Follow him on Twitter @RyanDavisGlover, “Like” him on Facebook and add him to your Google network #Knowgloveknowlove, #Knowyourartist



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