Buzzing Jewish Rapper Simon Chertman Makes Positive Out of Being Robbery Victim

Simon Chertman was robbed earlier this year at gunpoint inside his Miami Beach home. The perpetrator went on to shoot a police officer and eventually shoot himself to avoid being captured in another robbery in nearby Miami Shores. Simon trying to make a “positive” out of the situation and recorded a song which details the account in his song “Jew Unit” over the Game and 50 Cent beat for “Hate It Or Love It.”


What made you come up with the idea to record a song about the incident?

I wanted to turn something negative into something positive. It made me really angry and upset. Good music is when your really passionate about something so it was a lot of feelings such as shock and anger that he took my money. I thought it would be a good way to express my feelings in a positive way.

What has been the response from the song?

I just made the song now and my sister listened to it because she has the studio and she really likes it. The reason my family didn’t like it in the beginning is because when the news camera came in and interviewed me they filmed the house and put our names in the broadcast and my dad was kind of upset about that, but when I made the song he thought it was interesting an a different take.

What is your musical background?

I used to make music before I used to go to school part-time. Then I stopped because there were some issues like, for instance it was this thing called “Spring Fling” at FIU where they bring artists and at the last-minute they didn’t let me on. I contacted a lawyer and he told me I should have kept a photocopy of the contract. It’s a lot of scams out there. From there I realized you had to know the business side of the industry.

Where can people connect with you?

They can just hit me on my cell 786-375-1861 because I used to have a Facebook music page and would post things but haven’t mastered the whole production side so the beats weren’t that good but if someone wants to connect and do something big, I’m down!!

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