INTERVIEW: Palm Trees and Power Lines

  • April 14, 2015
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palm trees and powerlines.

AudioFuzz sat down and talked with the guys from Palm Trees and Power Lines.  We got some great responses from the guys.  Oh, by the way, their song, “Listen” was chosen by The Players Championship – PGA Tour theme song.  Not bad for a bunch of your guys.  Also, their new EP, High Hopes, is now out.  Buy it NOW.  These guys are the future.
1.  How long have you guys been playing together? When and where did you start?
Josh: As a full band, we’ve been together a little over 2 years. We started in Jacksonville, Florida as an idea between 2 friends who both wanted to make a serious band, inspired by blink-182.
2.  Who are some of your major influences?  I know your name comes from Sugarcult’s CD, but who else did you listen to?  I think you guys are very original, but I do hear a little Eve 6 or Candyskins.  Am I right?
Josh: blink-182 would be one, haha. But also, there’s New Found Glory, Yellowcard, A Day to Remember, All Time Low, The Story So Far, and many more. Eve 6 is awesome, you could say there’s some influence there!
3.  Who do you listen to now?  Anyone to recommend?
Shafer: Some of our favorite bands at the moment are City Lights, The Story So Far, and 5 Seconds of Summer. They’re all amazing bands with so much potential.
4.  Congrats on all your success, being chosen for the golf thing and all.  How does success feel like?
Josh: Well the first time we felt that feeling was playing Warped in Orlando last year, but the PGA thing is honestly even more big. Seeing and hearing our song in a radio and TV commercial is just out of this world. It’s hard to even describe, it just feels great, and we’re going to keep striving to grow.
5.  You guys always seem to have fun in your videos?  Are you guys always that energetic?
Casey: Yeah, when we’re all together, it gets crazy. Of course we have our more quiet and chill sides, but it depends on what we’re doing and if we need to be serious or not. We just like to have a good time!
6.  Do you like playing live or in the studio best?
Josh: I love being in the studio because you get to form all these crazy ideas and watch them grow into songs that turned out way better than you expected.
Kyle: I love playing live shows. I never get tired of it, it’s just so fun to jump around and watch the audience interact!
7.  If you were wild animals, what would each of you be?  What is the strangest thing that happened to you on stage?  Do you have some wild fans?  I remember when I was in my punk band, a girl jumped on stage, kneeled down in front of me, and unzipped my pants with her teeth.  That’s the farthest it went, but I was just amazed at fans can do.
Josh: I’d be a dolphin, because they live so free and have so much fun.
Kyle: I’d be a penguin.
Josh: Strangest thing on stage… Nothing super crazy like that, but we’ve had people come up and do hand stands and backflips, hahaha!
8.  Do you have any causes you support?  Is there anything else you want to tell our audience?
Shafer: Yes, we recently played a benefit show for the Judy Nicholson Foundation, to raise money for Kidney Cancer research. We’ve also played at Relay for Life. It’s fun to support causes that you know can make a difference in someone’s life.
Josh: I also want to let everyone know about our new music coming out in May! On May 8th, we’re releasing Animalistic and on May 22nd, we’ll be releasing the Animalistic EP. It feels awesome that we’re so close to finally getting this out there!
8.  And last of all, when the heck are you playing Pittsburgh?
Josh: Haha, no big tours planned yet. But we keep telling people that it will happen soon! All we need is that one connection or that one trigger to get us on the road, and we’ll do it.
Casey: We love seeing new places so we’ll have to stop by when we tour!

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