Interview With The Bourgeois

  • August 4, 2016
  • 2 min read
 the bourgeois 2
1.  Guys, I here you have some tale to tell.  I was raised in the Christian Church in Ohio, so I understand the bible belt.  I want to hear your tale in your own words.
We’re totally cool with religion until people decide that their religion should dictate the rules for how everyone should live their lives.  Unfortunately, that’s an everyday occurrence growing up in rural Oklahoma.

2.  How long have you guys been playing music?  Who were your main influences?

 We’ve all been in various bands since we were teenagers.  Too many too count, but here are a few: Nirvana, The Smiths, The Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Talking Heads.

3. I love your tagline A cancer-curing, sperm-obliterating, behemoth of a rock band.  How in the world did that come about?  I love it.

 I get hyperbolic when I drink to much caffeine.

4.  Where did the name The Bourgeois come from and what do you mean by it?

 It’s a self deprecating joke about myself.  I try to stay vigilant, but it’s hard sometimes to not fall victim to the yuppie lifestyle.

5.  Is “The Summer of George” from Seinfeld?  It’s a perfect title.  

 It is.  I could really relate to that particular episode because I’ve also had summers where I’ve made elaborate plans and then ended up becoming a human slug instead.
6.  Who do you listen to now?
I really like the albums that Iggy Pop and White Lung put out this year.
7.  If you all were animals, what type would you be?
I’d be a giraffe, because I’m mostly awkward and unapproachable.
Ty and Vance would be a gorilla and a wolf respectively, because I think a gorilla could really slay a drum set, and if I’m forming a fictional band made up of animals, I want a wolf in it just because that ups our cool factor.


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