MIMS Could of Been King of New York


MIMS is an artist who in some people’s opinion, seemingly came out of nowhere. When his single “This is Why I’m Hot” catapulted to the number 1 record in the country in 2006 he was met with a lot of industry jealousy and criticism but many were unaware MIMS had been grinding for years. Heavyweights such as Jay-Z to Lil Wayne weighed in on the New York raised newcomer who posed a threat to Jiggas “King of New York” title and the dominance of the South. Signing a record deal with EMI/Capitol Records which would at first seem like a dream situation quickly turned into an artist nightmare. MIMS quickly became very disenchanted with his label situation and by the time the second album was released had pondered giving up music.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Capitol clearly dropped the ball with MIMS. An artist with a catalogue of music that could appeal to hip hop heads but also make music that you could dance to. If you think about it MIMS is the prototype for Drake sans singing. Nonetheless you can’t help but wonder with proper label support, where would MIMS have been? Nonetheless MIMS has found the silver lining in this situation and still regularly tours and has found a new passion in the tech world. Looking to be a mentor to artists and help them avoid the same mistakes that he made, he has set up an APP RecordGram where up and coming artist have the opportunity to work with award winning producers for a fraction of the cost.

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