Tash of Tha Alkaholiks On Red Cup Tour 2017 Talks Upcoming Projects

I got a chance to catch up with Tash of Tha Alkaholiks on the Red Cup Tour at Metro Music Hall, a lyricist lyricist as you may remember he was on Rawkus Soundboming and Lyricist Lounge. Tash confirmed that the Alkaholiks have a new album in the works but that he will be releasing an EP which has eleven songs for Liks fans. The first single is called “I’m High” featuring his group member J-Ro who spent a lot of time overseas in the UK during the groups hiatus. Tha Alkaholiks still have upcoming tour dates, the next being a stop in Phoenix, Arizona at The Rebel Lounge on May 13th.

Whats going on with the Alkaholiks album?

Really the Alkaholiks album is under wraps right now. I aint gone go into it right now but when J-Ro was overseas we were trying to do songs via email but it wasn’t the same chemistry of being in the studio. So with him being back, we just started doing a bunch of songs. I got a new deal with Sony Records and am releasing an EP. J-Ro is on my first single called “I’m High”.

What do you think about the current state of hip hop?

I heard the best quote by Bumpy Knuckles today “don’t expect me to fix hip hop, when I’m not the one that fucked it up” I love that quote. I’m just gone come up with the real shit and come back with the Tash that everyone know and love and just get the acceptance and warmth. Bring back the natural organic. Yes we drink, yes we smoke weed, yes we get chased by the police but we put our life on the lines for the music. We ain’t out here showboating even though we could buy this club (Metro Music Hall) if we wanted to but we under the radar to certain people.

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