Unapologetically Lyrical a Q&A With The Hazardous Pawz One

 I caught up with the Hazardous Pawz One after seeing him perform on the Red Cup Tour 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. A talented emcee, a mic controller, a lyrical beast. However you describe this guy the Compton native is one of the most underrated rappers in all of hip hop. The West Coast has given us some great emcees over the years who haven’t necessarily gotten the credit they deserve. Hopefully, Pawz One can change that trend.
The Hazardous Pawz One where does that artist name come from?
Pawz One was my graff name cuz I came from the graffiti scene. The hazardous is there to add flavor since the bars are lethal haha!!
Who were some of the artists that have influenced you?
Well there’s a lot becuase it goes beyond hip-hop, people like Rodriguez who was the singer songwriter from Detroit who wrote the song Sugar Man is a huge influence. As far as hip-hop I would say the Legends like Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Nas , Ice Cube and the list goes on.
What are some of the best aspects of being an artist from the West Coast and the worse aspects?
Well to be honest one of the best aspects is coming from the same place as legendary acts like NWA, Hieroglyphics, Ras Kass and one of the worst is coming from the same place where everything is fabricated, Hollywood lol. So people out here love hype over quality.
I noticed the Everyone Rap Shirts for sell on your website, because of the over saturation of rappers do you feel that its harder to be taken seriously as an artist?
Of course it is. If you look at all these guys doing it let’s say they have about 10 to 15 fans apiece. But these guys aren’t in it for the long run so they quit in about 3 or 4 years so in those three or four years those fans could have followed somebody who lives and breathes this shit everyday. That would give a genuine artist a chance to reach those fans and that dude who went thru that rap phase for a couple years lol.
You’ve got a song with Termanology and Ras Kass how did that collaboration come about?
Well the funniest shit is me and Ras were actually in prison together so we had been cool since we met and Term was on the west when we linked up at a spot and made the record happen.
What are your thought on mumble rappers and the current state of hip hop?
I mean what can I really say. Their fans aren’t reading this article anyway (laughing).
It’s just the most simplified version of rap possible. It’s just watered down jingles to sell Sprite and prescription pills and shit.
I checked out your video for “How Real is That” how did you come up with the concept?
It’s just some real life shit. I had friends who we’re killed over money, drugs and women by their “homies” so the video was just to represent that part of the what I’ve been thru.
I saw your show on the Red Cup Tour in Salt Lake City, Utah and today your in Washington, your traveling all over whats the next upcoming show dates for you?
Yeah, that show was dope. S/O to Gage and the Liks. We are actually in WA right now for a few shows then we head down to Oregon, then down to Cali. After that we head to the midwest and the east coast. Later in the year i wanna hit the south.
Tell me about your upcoming album “Pick Your Poison”?
Its my new solo album entirely produced by a Swiss producer VR. Its not the typical boom bap album because we have alot of live instruments on it. Horn players, keys and all that good shit. We got a few guests like Talib Kweli, Masta Ace , El Da Sensei and a few other dope MC’s
Whats next for Pawz One?
Im trying to tour with this album for the rest of the year and head back overseas.
I been wanting to build my catalog and so I’m gonna be dropping more EP’s and singles this year for sure. If anyone wants to check out the music just go pawzone.bandcamp.com or youtube.com/pawz1 to follow me its all @Pawz1646@yahoo.com on all social media

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