Disclosure at Madison Square Garden


Radiohead at Bank of America Pavillion in Boston. Interpol at the Music Hall of Williimsburg. Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Googa Mooga in Brooklyn. And now Disclosure at Madison Square Garden. Number One Best Show of my Life(tm) is a title reserved only for a select four or five shows and Disclosure blew them away. Previous NOBSomL’s were more moody, experiemental, cerebral bands. Disclosure was a mix of mood and fun and dancing and all the things necessary for myself and my friend Molly to bust out of our shells, liquify our brains and spill them all over the floor through our noses. I tend to judge a show based on whether or not it had at least one Mind Blowing Moment(tm).

Coldplay had one on their X&Y tour during Square One where the video wall behind them erupted in squares of yellow, blue, and orange light and proceeded to make my drug-free mind explode. Radiohead had one when Thom Yorke breaks into the chorus of “Ice Age Comin!” during idioteque and creates a cochophany of sound building on itself causing my brain to fold in on itself trying to comprehend the genius.

Disclosure had it when the show came to a close with Latch and the video wall changed over to a wall of strobe lights that slowly built on themselves and went from random flashing to one giant pulse that caused my brain, eyeballs and throat the throb with it. Sweet. Magnets was surprisingly flat live, and Willing and Able, a song that I LOVE, was absolutely MURDERED by Kwabs. And not in a good way. He was so flat, he almost ruined it. But everything else was perfect. Dance, love, togetherness, it had it all.

-Dan DeStefano

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