Kick Ass Live Show: Palehound – Live At Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA 01/20/2015

palehound-3 Palehound

Live at Club Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA


Last night, I saw Palehound open up for TORRES and, let me tell you, I was blown away.  There is no doubt this is the best doubleheader I’ve attended since the Runaways/Ramones in 1977.  That is saying a lot.  These two bands complement each other, and Palehound is another one of those bands that is very sweet and humble about how great they are.  Palehound is made up of Ellen, Jesse, and Davood.  Ellen Kempner’s writing is very beautiful with personal, autobiographical lyrics and kick-ass riffs.  I love this band.  Ellen is not afraid to throw her private life to the audience.  Besides the great music, one of the highlights was Ellen telling about a friend of hers who has been by her side since grade school from the feelings she was different to her coming out as a lesbian.  Her story was a wonderful testimony for the whole LGBTQ community.  Thank you so much for a great show.  I enjoyed myself tremendously.  This is a band that will go far.  Oh, and a special call out to my Jesse.  HEY GUY.  Told you I call you out, lol.  And Austin is the best bartender ever.  But their work.  They are so great.

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