LIVE REVIEW: Interpol at Prospect Park

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Photo Courtesy David Andrako

Interpol fans delight! Non-Interpol fans stay away! Paul Banks tried to live up to his dramatic, dark, wonderful album vocals once again and once again he failed miserably. Is it because he’s a smoker? Or does he need to take up smoking? All I know is, I can do the Paul Banks voice in my sleep, don’t know why Paul Banks can’t. During “The New”, Daniel Kessler seemed to have slow hands, as the whole band was out of sync and Paul wore it on his face. With a band as mathematical as Interpol, just one obstacle can really send the whole thing swirling away into oblivion. Did I mention I LOVE Interpol? So none of this phased me. The concert was awesome. They played Leif Erikson. So dramatic. The encore was amazing. If memory serves, the second encore of Lights was even better.

-Dan DeStefano

PS Opening the show was Cosmicide, the band of Brandon Curtis who played in Secret Machines and is also a live member of Interpol.

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