LIVE REVIEW: Years and Years at Terminal 5


There is no reason to review the Years and Years show at Terminal 5. Sure, Olly Thornton of Years and Years was a great big ball of gay energy on stage, dancing with no inhibitions, arms above his head, grinding an invisible boy behind him. And yes, I’ll admit that I screamed along with all the other Tweens when he took off his top-layer-mesh-shirt. But don’t take my word for it! 88% of the crowd recorded every second of the concert on their phones! It was a sight to see, really. The band was super high energy, everybody was dancing pretty much the whole time, Thornton’s voice was on POINT the whole show, hitting every note and then some. Really a fantastic show, I only listened to them for the first time that day, and I was definitely singing along, enjoying the energy around me. But again, just search YouTube for “Years and Years Terminal 5” and, well, you can see for yourself.

-Dan DeStefano

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