Making Magic Live: TORRES – Live At Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, 1/18/2016




Live at Club Pittsburgh, PA


First off, the top picture and the video clip are NOT from the live show, but they might as well be.  TORRES is the best band I have seen live for a long long time (since PJ Harvey in 2012).  They are so unbelievably tight.  Mackenzie totally kicks ass on guitar, the sound was perfect, the crowd was super engaged, during “Strange Helloes” the band actually made me cry, it was so beautiful, and Mackenzie and the whole TORRES band are so humble.  I don’t believe Mackenzie realizes how absolutely wonderful she is.  And as I said, she has surrounded herself with the very best band possible.  They work together like a well oiled machine.  I didn’t want them to stop; I was mesmerized.  And Palehound was a perfect band to open for them; similar but different enough to give a great equilibrium to the show.  TORRES, please, please come back.  You are some of the most talented and sweet and pleasant people I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing and meeting.  Pittsburgh (and I) loves you.

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