Patti Smith, Punk Poet, Takes Pittsburgh

Patti Smith at Carnegie Mellon Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA

Patti Smith brought her band and took over Pittsburgh on March 13, 2017, and boy she did so.  (I swear she came for my 60th birthday).  She decided to play the entire Horses album, and wow, she did so well.  This was the best show I ever have seen.  Not only did she do Horses, she also performed “Wing”, “Pissing In A River”, “Citizen Ship”, “Because The Night”, “People Have The Power”, and “My Generation”, plus her guitar solo (I Trust My Guitar) where she ran around the stage with a Rainbow Flag.  Between songs, she amused us with wonderful stories about the people she’s known and also made us aware of our place in this world, chanting We Have The Power and We Will Not Behave.  The show lasted almost two hours (except her small break where her band jammed (wonderfully, I must say)).  This was the best and also one of the punkest shows ever.  Her band was amazing, as always.  Comprised of Jay Dee Daugherty and Lenny Kaye (who have been with her since 1975), plus her son Jackson and Tony Shanahan.  This is THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.  All and all, Patti showed that at 70 she can rock with the best, living up to her title as Grandmother of Punk.  She is punk.  Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, watch out.  Patti has us pumped.  WE WILL NOT BEHAVE.

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