Review: Regina Spektor Live at Radio City Music Hall

regina spektor, radio city music hallRegina Spektor’s lushly orchestrated concert at Radio City Music Hall was packed full of the pitch-perfect pop that Spektor has become famous for. She came on stage at 8:30pm dressed in a sparkly, colorful top, black pants and red shoes. Spektor played for an incredible two hours straight. Despite being a 16 year veteran in the music industry Spektor displayed as very nervous and shy on stage and even said to herself a few times “This is just another show, this is just another show…”  At one point she stopped the music stating that she was nervous and had to restart. However, despite this Spektor put on show that dazzled the extremely jubilant audience whom were constantly shouting their adulation for the pop singer.

Spektor played an incredible 24 songs spanning her incredible 16 year career in music. The set list was a mix of older classics and songs from her most recent release Remember Us To Life. Spektor played most of the songs with her orchestra, keyboardist, and drummer but by her 8th song “Apres Moi” she went solo for about 4 songs and showcased her unbelievable ability to fill a room with just her piano and her angelic voice. At one point she asked the audience for a favor to which the audience hastily agreed. Spektor then said she was going to call her mother because she was sick and she asked if the audience would tell her “feel better Mrs. Spektor.” Needless to say her mom was probably very delighted by the gesture.

The magnitude and majesty of Radio City—not to mention the adoring fans that hung on her every syncopated syllable—had an overwhelming affect on her. Spektor remained elegant, gracious, and poised throughout the evening and delivered spectacular renditions of her songs. Spektor ended the night with 4 encores that included some of her biggest hits including “Fidelity” and “Samson.” An absolutely perfect evening filled with some of the most beautiful music recorded.


• On the Radio
• Grand Hotel
• Older and Taller
• Blue Lips
• Tornadoland
• Bleeding Heart
• The Light
• Après Moi
• Chelsea Hotel #2
(Leonard Cohen cover)
• Ballad of a Politician
• Sailor Song
• You’ve Got Time
• The Trapper and the Furrier
• Black and White
• Sellers of Flowers
• Obsolete
• Small Bills
• Better
• Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)
• Us

• The Visit
• Fidelity
• Hotel Song
• Samson
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