See: ‘Blue’s Clues’ star & Flaming Lips drummer make psychedelic music for kids

StevenSteven, Brooklyn Bowl, 02/26/17

“If there’s one thing I like, it’s groundhogs,” Steve Burns tells a crowd of toddlers while donning a rainbow cape, marmot ears, and no hint of irony in his voice. “[This song] is about being proud of who you are. Even if you’re small and you hog the ground, you’ve got to love what you love.” Steven Drozd nods his agreement from behind a buffet of electronic instruments, while Burns handles the props, a seasoned puppeteer since his Nickelodeon days. The combo, named StevenSteven, debut their children’s album Foreverywhere, and along with it a colorful cast of characters such as “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow” and “Mimic Octopus”. Burns tells their stories, while touching on the milestones of the pint-sized, from using the toilet to dealing with playground bullies. With every costume change Burns is zany, theatrical, yet tender—levelling with his wee audience by making their experiences larger than life. Drozd delivers the same soaring synthesizers and thundering drum licks that were his crowning glory atop the 1999 album Soft Bulletin, with parallel energy and precision to boot. The unwavering performances of both Stevens are a touching reminder that the concerns of a child are no less complex and worthy of the emotional treatment found in music.

Check out the music video for “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow” by StevenSteven below!

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  1. Made a mental note to check these dudes out after watching a clip on Facebook, thanks for bringing my memo to the forefront!

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