Tove Lo’s emotional & energetic show at Highline Ballroom

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On Wednesday, March 25th Tove Lo played her only NYC show at the Highline Ballroom to a sold-out and rambunctious crowd. The setlist included nearly all of the songs from her debut album Queen Of The Clouds.

The Swedish singer was in top form on Wednesday night when she performed nearly all of her songs with flawless vocals. Tove Lo engaged the crowd asking them at one point to take off their shirts and while many didn’t, it certainly set the mood for the evening. Songs like “Moments”, in which she sings “I’m not the prettiest you’ve ever seen but I have my moments.” It’s refreshing to hear a pop singer sing about imperfections when so many of today’s pop stars only talk about their accolades.

The crowd sang along ferociously to Tove Lo’s big hits “Habits” and “Talking Body” but it was “This Time Around” that really struck a somber yet passionate chord with the audience. What really stood out was that she sang perfectly crafted songs with so much passion and it was as if you were vicariously living through the artist in the moment.

Tove Lo is one of the more impressive pop artists we have today–and she’s in good company–along with other Swedish pop stars like ABBA, Ace of Base, and Lykke Li. We highly suggest you see her energetic and emotional show…if not this time around, next time.

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