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Beautiful Way To Move On: Nah. – “Vitamin D”

  • August 19, 2018
  • 1 min read
Beautiful Way To Move On:  Nah. – “Vitamin D”


“Vitamin D”

DC-based Nah. is one of the few bands that really hold up Elliot Smith’s beautiful legacy of true sounding lyrics applied to alt music with these great acoustic guitars licks with surf-guitar leads and keeps it rosy, which is a tough balancing act for such a depressing subject.  Nah. is Brendan Ra Tyler- vox, lyric work, bass guitar; Emma Bleker- vox, lyric work; 
Stephen Rodriguez- drums, beat maker; and Chris Smith- guitar.  As their bio describes “Vitamin D”

 Nah. dives into a pool of angsty breakup tunes off the diving board of a swelling surf-rock guitar riff. The result is a mellow summer tune that’s the perfect song to listen to at the pool or beach while your ex reluctantly loads a moving van of their stuff out of your formerly shared apartment.

Nah. has everything going for it; two poets, a great rhythm section, a guitarist whose licks are unbelievable, and Bleker’s vocals are so great.  This is summer/fall music at its best.  Good bye bad trouble: Nah. will bring the good into you.  

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